TecProtec, a brand of AmTrust Mobile Solutions, is a device protection program that gives you peace of mind. As smartphones become an integrated part of our lifestyle, it is important to ensure our devices are protected against liquid damage, accidental damage and more. With TecProtec, you are assured that your phone will be restored when needed, without breaking the bank and your pockets.

We can’t live without our smartphones. Now with the TecProtec app you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone ever again! Download the TecProtec app to get immediate protection for accidental damage and theft. You can access your membership benefits, including door to door service for repairing or replacing protected gadgets, tech support, gadget health check and in-app claims.

  • Love your gadgets? Protecting them has never been so easy. You can buy a TecProtec plan within minutes, giving you immediate piece of mind.
  • Allows users to detect technical issues if any and to pin point problems to ease repair work.
  • View all of your gadget protection plans on the TecProtec app and track activities, such as making a claim or renewing your plan.

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