So when our smartphones need repairs, it’s considered a serious problem in our lives. For many, looking for a phone repair company will be a new experience.

Should I send it to the manufacturer, or to the nearest cell phone repair shop? Should I find a shop that specialises in Android repair or iPhone repair?
But first, let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that these smart devices face.


Dead Phone
This could be as simple as a faulty power button, or something more complicated such as a problem with the operating system. Either way, it won’t boot up.

No WiFi or Data
The phone still works, but has connectivity problems with the network signal so it can’t download or upload data via WiFi or network provider.

Security Lock
Forgetting your password or passcode may seem like a silly problem, but this could also mean losing all your valuable information such as contacts, messages, and photos.

No Audio
Although we spend more time on apps than on calls, a faulty sound system can render a smartphone useless in its most basic function.

Battery or Charger Issues
Battery life is a point of concern for smartphones facing wear-and-tear, but if left unfixed, this could also lead to more serious hardware problems such as short circuits.

Water Damage
Not all smartphones are waterproof, and after being dropped in liquid, these phones can be easily damaged and require heavy repairs.

Cracked Screen
How many times have you seen a cracked screen after someone drops their phone? This is one of the most common device problems that usually require a replacement screen.


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