It’s a well know fact that our phones can easily make us lose precious sleep hours. But these devices that keep us awake all night can also be used to help us sleep.


Set the Right Lighting for Sleep
If it helps, use a sleep light or small electronic light to dimly light the background. If not, pull curtains for complete darkness.

Make Helpful Screen Adjustments
The night screen of late night phone users keeps the many awake late at night. If you must use your phone, turn it into a sleep phone by switching into night light screen by using a blue light screen filter manually adjusted through settings or with an app. Don’t forget, iphone users can also switch your phones into Night Mode.

Mind your Sleeping Hours
Avoiding Screen light is the best way to ensure enough sleeping hours. Limit night phone usage and use an app to set your alarm to consistent hours every night. For example, the ‘Sleep Time’ app not only comes with a smart alarm to optimize the best time to wake up, but also analyses sleep with custom data. The ‘Sleep Cycle’ is also a helpful app that helps you get a good night’s rest with intuitive sleep tracking. Another useful app is ‘Pillow’ which tracks sleep patters with sound, motion, and other sensors.

Eat Right to Sleep Right
According to a US National Institutes of Health study in 2016, diet can have a huge impact on sleep quality and patterns. You can use your phone to eat the right food with ‘The Eatery’, an app that tracks food habits and provides a variety of feedback.

Soothing Music before Bedtime
Some people need complete silence to fall asleep, but for others, a little bit of light music can go a long way when it comes to falling asleep. We recommend the ‘Relax Melodies’ app, where you can join a community that shares playlists and songs with soothing natural sounds.

Hit the Gym More
The National Sleep Foundation suggests getting 150 minutes of exercise a week. Try using this this unique app called ‘GymPact’ that can pay you for going to the gym. But it motivates you by charging you money instead if you skip the gym.

Set Goals and Stay on Track
Everyone likes the idea of being healthier with better sleep habits, but it’s easier said than done. With this browser-based app, you can prove your words to a built-in social network, keeping you on track with publicly declared goals for better sleep.


By following these tips regularly, you’ll be able to get into a healthier sleep cycle.

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