Top money saving tips for electronic devices

Did you know that last year, despite the steeply rising prices, Malaysia reportedly imported RM 6.85 billion in mobile phones? At the time it was about twice the value spent on the nation’s imports of engine vehicles. This means many Malaysian consumers are constantly looking for ways to maximize their Ringgit, especially with today’s essential handheld device.


1 Stay within the mid-range
If you buy the top of the line model that’s of the most expensive brand in any electronic device category, it’s going to cost you a premium. Compromise with the spec below.

2 Go for older model deals
As enticing as the latest model may seem, it’s also going to be the most expensive, especially with iPhones. Take advantage of marked down new phones of the previous generation if available.

3 Check if floor models are available
Some retailers and resellers offer display and roadshow units which although are technically used, still make a great deal for those looking for reduced prices.

4 Consider an electronics warranty
There will be times when your most valuable devices fail and when an extended warranty would be able to provide electronics protectionto delay expensive replacements down the line. Also check if phone insurance cover plans for phone protection are available.

5 Don’t replace working devices
Be able to differentiate needs versus wants. Many will look for reasons to replace devices that may appear weathered, but are still functional.

6 Research on and offline
The digital age has transformed the way we shop for electronic devices, so be sure to do diligence online and asking friends before purchases.

7 Wait for low prices
Times like the end of year or seasonal holidays are when many electronics and department stores offer marked down deals, try to look our for these and plan purchases.


With a little bit of research, great bargains can help save cash, especially with the devices that we interact with the most, like mobilephones and laptops. There are also more options choices these days with manufacturer as well as third party options such coverage forsmartphone protection. By guarding our most used devices, mobile phone insurance and smartphone insurance can keep your most importance devices protected..

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