At AmTrust Mobile Solutions, our customers’ seamless and smooth digital lifestyle is the priority. We ensure that you will always stay connected with your loved ones no matter what happens. When you sign up for our membership program, you will get access to our wide range of value-added services.

AmTrust Mobile Solutions membership program comes with a host of features which start from the official date of your membership. Depending on your chosen plan, the program features range from 365 days customer service to assured buy-back of your device. Rest assured, we are here to serve everything you need for a happy, uninterrupted digital lifestyle with your device.

365 days Customer Service:
Our customer service assistants are eager to assist you with your queries between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week, throughout the year. Rain or shine, you have someone to speak with. We also extend multi-language support for your convenience.



24×7 Online Support: You can contact us online using our customer portal or through our friendly virtual assistant, Mia on our website.




Technical Support: Need help on how to set-up, troubleshoot or find tips and tricks for your device? You can access our suite of technical support upon logging in to your account, available anytime, 365 days a year.

Fast & Easy Request Registration:
We understand how urgent it is to get your device repaired or replaced when you damage or lose it. You can easily register your request through multiple channels: call our call centre, send us an email, register your request through our customer portal or have a chat with our friendly virtual assistant, Mia.

Free Pick & Drop: Sit back, relax and let us do the work. We’ll pick up your device, drop it at the service centre and deliver the repaired device back to you, wherever you are in the country. Sounds good?



Minimum Paperwork Required
: We try hard to minimize the requirement of physical documents to save you the hassle and save the trees too. This program has a simple documentation requirement. All the documents can also be uploaded on our request portal.

Repair at AMS Authorized Repair Centres:
We understand that your device is precious to you – which means it’s precious to us too. Hence, we only allow trained personnel at our authorized repair centres to inspect and repair your device. Be rest assured that your device will be in safe hands.


With the AmTrust Mobile Solutions Membership program, members get access to:


Tech Support: Get rich and intuitive smartphone help content to find quick resolutions for your smartphone issues through Tweakker.

Mobile Wallet*:
You get a free mobile wallet and debit card with joining offers worth ₹1500.

Live video streaming subscription*:
Get free 3 months subscription to a premium online video streaming service.

Anti-virus, Data Protection & Back Up*:
Get free 3 months subscription to mobile anti-virus and data protection pack.

Assured Buy-back*:
We’ll buy your device back at an assured mark-up price compared to current market buying price. This provides a guarantee that your device will give you great value through our membership plan.

* Product Features & Services soon to be launched for our customers in India

To avail these benefits, please visit the links shared with you in the Welcome Email/ Letter

We are here to serve you, whatever it is. Say goodbye to long processing time and complicated steps to file a request.

If your device is damaged, you are required to do the following steps:

  • Register request with AmTrust Mobile Solutions within 48 hours from the time of damage. Delay in registration may result in rejection or disapproval.
  • Submit other required documents to AmTrust Mobile Solutions within 30 days from the time of request registration.


At AmTrust Mobile Solutions, you have choices on how you can submit a request. You can register the request via:

Call: You can call us between 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday and our customer service representative would be happy to assist you. Below are our contact numbers:

India                        1800 103 6024

Indonesia               +6221 8063 1401

Malaysia                 +603 2242 5420

Philippines             +632 224 1861

Online Portal: Log on to Request Registration portal and click on ‘My Policies’ > ‘Click to submit new request and fill in the details

Email: You can send us an email together with your contact details within 48 hours of the damage incident.





Mia, our friendly virtual assistant: Simply locate our chat box in this website and start chatting with Mia anytime, anywhere and she’ll guide you through the steps to submit your request.

Useful Tips: We want to process your request as fast as possible. Please be prepared with the following details before you register a request:

  1. IMEI number of your handset
  2. Registered mobile number
  3. Registered email address
  4. Date & time of damage
  5. Damage location
  6. Detailed explanation describing the damage and cause of damage


When you register a request, you will receive a pre-filled request form on the email ID shared by you. In case you have not received the request form in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder or please call/email us. Our customer service representative will help you get these documents. Please mention your phone IMEI number and contact number in your email.


You can share the documents via the following channels;

  1. Email – All the required documents to be properly scanned and sent via email
  2. Portal – All required documents uploaded on

For accidental damage repair request, please be ready with the following documents: 

  • Damage Request form duly signed and completed
  • Discharge voucher duly signed and completed
  • Photo ID Proof
  • Proof of Purchase (Mobile purchase bill)

Once the documents are received, these will be verified and pick up will be arranged.

Please note that your request might be rejected if:

  • Request is not registered with AmTrust Mobile Solutions within 48 hours of damage
  • All the documents required for processing your request are not provided within 30 days of request registration
  • We are not able to pick your device after 3 attempts and a request for re-pickup is not made within 15 days of request registration


The terms contained herein are general terms and conditions of the program and should be read in conjunction with the specific features of the program you signed up for. AmTrust Mobile Solutions reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without your prior written consent. These conditions are in addition to and not in derogation of the standard terms and conditions.

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